Technology that Protects and Accelerates your Wealth



Putting real-time family desk management back in your hands

Protecting your family's wealth and operating a successful family desk requires secure, well-orchestrated communication, permission-based asset sharing, and time-stamped transactional accuracy, with unwavering attention to privacy.

Tired of using one-size-fits-all tools to protect your family's wealth?



Fully-managed real-time family desk communications

Running a family desk requires highly orchestrated communication between family members, advisers, and managers. Mistakes and miscommunication can erode wealth, break family alliances, and diminish legacy.

When the stakes are too high to allow for miscommunication.



Cookie cutter tools just won't do

Today's marketplace is filled with disparate document management systems, lock and key security platforms, and "sharing" technologies all designed to meet the needs of the masses.

Successfully managing a family desk requires timely, secure communication and agile document management.

Agile and


A solution engineered specifically for your family desk

Treasure Map enables the seamless management of your family's wealth, facilitates secure and protected communications, and enables you and your advisors to save time and money in achieving your family's defined long-term financial goals.

No other family desk is like yours, so why use a one-size-fits all toolset to manage your most valuable assets?

Engineered by a

Team of Experts

Developed exclusively as a family desk management platform

We've assembled a proven team of financial planners, technologists, solution architects, and security professionals to develop a set of simple and intuitive tools using secure distributed ledger technology to specifically serve family desk environments just like yours.

We work directly with you, your family, and your financial advisors to create the right system for you



Fully Customized Integration of Tools

Treasure Map provides a secure, bullet-proof family desk management platform that is designed specifically to control the flow of information and provide a permission-based asset-sharing with time-stamped custodial tracking, workflow immutability, and multi-layered authenticated security. 

No other family desk is quite like yours, so why would you use an all-in-one, one-size-fits all toolset to manage your most valuable assets?

Monitor & Control

Your Family Desk

Through a "Single Pane of Glass"

We mitigate wealth transfer risk by providing control and trust, with full transparency, to family members, beneficiaries, and the third party financial professionals you depend on. We help reduce the costs by placing real-time control and management back in your hands.

Wealth preservation requires carefully controlled and monitored communication.

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